The Tzohar Rabbinical Organization has drafted a ‘Resolution of Ethical Principles’ for Knesset candidates, calling for the process to be defined by integrity and mutual respect with the opening of campaigns for the upcoming elections to the 21st Knesset in 78 days.

The covenant obligates the signatories, members of a number of parties, to conduct the election campaign in a fair and non-violent manner for the benefit of the State and for the benefit of the general public, as seen by each party.

The covenant also states that the positions of the other side, even when they are completely mistaken in the eyes of a given party, will be presented fairly and not in a distorted manner. Statements against other parties and personalities will be done in a respectful, non-derogatory manner, not distorted and not casting false or unfounded accusations.

The signatories also agreed to leave family members out of the election campaign. "Members of the candidate's family are outside the election campaign and should not be taken into account, or their actions.

"In the election campaign," the charter states, "only promises will be made that the speaker knows can be realized."

The signatories, who the organization hopes to include representatives from all political factions and parties, are also signing on to a series of practical commitments including:

  • The campaign will be carried out in a respectful and non-violent manner;
  • The campaign will not distort the opinions or positions of competing parties;
  • Political statements will avoid personal attacks that degrade specific individuals and every effort will be made to completely avoid any unsubstantiated personal attacks;
  • Family members of candidates should be left outside of the political sphere in all cases other than where the candidate themselves asks the family member to be involved;
  • Campaign promises must be made with an appreciation that they can be implemented after election. Campaigns must be defined by an element of trust without deceiving the good will of the public;
  • Every effort will be made to reduce harm to the environment and our citizen’s quality of life throughout the duration of the campaign.

The agreement was signed, among others, by Yair Lapid, Yesh Atid; Avi Gabbay, Labor; Ayelet Shaked, New Right; David Amsalem, Likud; Moshe Ya'alon, Telem; Orly Levy Abecassis, Gesher; Eli Ben-Dahan, Jewish Home; Roy Folkman, Kulanu and the Chossen L'Yisrael party.

The resolution states that while intense competition to enlist the support of the public is inherent within the political process, “this period should be defined by ideals of moral behavior and an appreciation that ‘the day after’ the campaign ends all parties will be asked to work together in a democratic process that serves as the very backbone of Israeli society.”