Rabbi Elon
Rabbi ElonYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel began the process of revoking the title of rabbi from Moti Elon following the new allegations against him.

Elon was convicted of performing an indecent act with a minor while taking advantage of being in a position of authority in 2013. He was given a sentence of jail time and fined NIS 10,000.

According to the report of Akiva Weiss in Kan 11, the legal adviser of the rabbinate sent a letter to Rabbi Elon in which the legal adviser wrote that he has three weeks to present his position before the meeting of the disciplinary committee of the Chief Rabbinate.

Many of those who supported Elon in 2013 changed their positions in light of the most recent allegations against him. Rabbi Chaim Druckman, one of the leading religious Zionist rabbis in Israel, called on Elon to cease teaching and avoid all contact with students.

Last week, Rabbi Drickman wrote: "As soon as I received the information, and after conferring with other rabbis, I delivered an order that Rabbi Elon should not be allowed to deliver lectures or host any other public activities for the greater public, and that he should not have any private meetings with youth."

"Obviously, following our obligation to fulfill the commandment, “V’haya machanecha kadosh, and your camps shall be holy,” we must take every necessary action in order to create a safe, protective and respectful environment for everyone."