The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI) and the Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) at the Israeli Economy and Industry Ministry are hosting the Israeli Pavilion at the CES Tech Expo in Las Vegas.

Before leaving Israel, Arutz Sheva had the opportunity to meet the heads of Unbotify and FireDome.

With consumer device sensor data, Unbotify detects anomalies in human-device interaction using Machine Learning, in real-time on a specific user-flow. Unbotify’s defense is considered a quantum leap in the bot detection market, as the data set analyzed in very difficult to spoof, especially at scale and when analyzed on a specific flow.

FireDome provides home IoT vendors with highly specialized, continuously evolving and practical cybersecurity software solutions. FireDome has developed a unique EDR solution for smart home IoT. Their software-only product can be installed on devices at any time, even deployed devices. The devices continuously adapt to new threats and provide an autonomous cyber solution to vendors. Our agent protects against all major cyber threats including DoS, RCE, crypto jacking etc.