Ahinoam Nini in Hevron
Ahinoam Nini in HevronHevron community spokesperson

Israeli singer Ahinoam Nini may be known for her left-wing political opinions. In one of the performances, she even told the audience that "My children will not go to Hevron but they will go to Umm al Fahm."

However, Nini was recently a guest of the Jewish community in Hevron. The visit was not heated des[ite the ideological differences between hosts and guest, according to community spokesman Noam Arnon.

The story began with someone else, Daniel Cohen Bendit, who is known from the student demonstrations in France as "Danny the Red," made a film that reflects different views on Jewish identity," Arnon explained.

"The meeting was very pleasant. We drank coffee and ate cookies, and they mainly came to hear us because they wanted to hear us as part of the project, and we agreed to disagree." he said.

Arnon went on to say: "This meeting was good and as we oppose any boycott on any side - two days ago there was a Habima show in Kiryat Arba - we are not boycotting anyone and we will each receive hospitality."

Even before the meeting with the Jewish community in the city, Nini visited the Tomb of the Patriarchs, where "all religions and all streams are seen." Arnon sees Hevron as a city that connects people despite the city's divisive image: "The conversation was very pleasant. We believe that it is the place of all those who love the land, the place of all lovers of humankind. As long as they do not fight us, and it is in this way we want Israeli sovereignty over the entire land. This is the only way to ensure peace and quiet for all people in this country."

"She was surprised by this position," said Arnon, who believes that it is difficult to oppose such a humanitarian stance, noting that Nini asked what his reaction would be if the Arabs wanted independence. "I made it clear that their independence would not be here, but human love would be here."

Arnon stressed that perhaps contrary to her media image and the way in which Nini has been quoted over the years, "she did not say anything annoying or defiant." He said that he did not know about Nini's statement about Umm al-Fahm, but he also said that "despite everything, she came to Hevron and agreed to be photographed after we asked for her permission ... She was not arrogant when talking to her."