Journalist Caroline Glick has joined the New Right party (Hayamin Hahadash), becoming the first person recruited to the new faction since its establishment over the weekend.

New Right chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who bolted from the Jewish Home party Saturday night, announced that Glick had joined the faction.

“Caroline Glick, a brave Zionist warrior, has joined the New Right party,” tweeted Bennett. “Welcome, Caroline!”

Glick, an American-born immigrant and a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, has served as chief columnist for The Jerusalem Post and Breitbart News and written for Maariv, Makor Rishon. Glick is a resident of the town of Efrat in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem.

In 2016, Glick was won the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism, alongside former MK Yehuda Harel, and former Tourism Minister Rabbi Binyamin Elon (National Union).

“Caroline is a courageous woman and a Zionist warrior,” Bennett said Wednesday. “Together with her, we are putting together a team for the Israeli right which will expand the right-wing bloc, so that Israel can go back to winning.”

“[Glick] brings with her experience and understanding of Israeli society coming from her many years as a journalist and writer. As someone who was born in the US and immigrated to Israel to serve in the IDF, Caroline symbolizes the essence of Zionism and the link between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Caroline is knowledgeable and articulate, and has strong right-wing positions, and is unapologetic about it.”

“Her addition will strengthen the list we are putting together, and with her we will enlarge the right-wing bloc. There are more surprises yet to come.”

Glick, who is secular, said the New Right would serve as a big-tent which could expand the Israeli right-wing bloc by bringing together both secular and religious voters.

“I’m very excited today about joining the New Right, and joining together with people who are totally dedicated to Zionism and love of the Land [of Israel],” said Glick. “Together, we will work to defend Israel, strengthen its security, and implement truly right-wing policies. This is a very exciting day for me, and I call on everyone who has the Zionist spirit within them – secular or religious – to come join us, we’re your home.”