Noa Avrahami, Director of Digital Media Technologies at the Israel Export Institute, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Israeli pavilion which will open at the CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show)exhibition in Las Vegas.

"Israel goes according to the market and knows how to be the most innovative in the groundbreaking fields, and you can see that according to the level of visitors in the pavilion that is always busy, the requests we receive from foreign sources. We see this also during the CES exhibition both before and in other exhibitions around the world," said Avrahami

"With all the talk about BDS and boycotts, I do not see it in the exhibitions. People still love Israeli technology and people come to look for our solutions," she saID.

This year, the Israeli team will be the largest in the history of the Israeli pavilion and will include 22 Israeli companies, featuring breakthrough developments in the fields of cyber, automotive, consumer goods, retail and more.

The participating companies were selected according to various criteria, including export readiness, relevancy to the exhibition and target audiences, compliance with CES criteria, and the innovation area in which the pavilion presents and more.