Air strike in Syria (archive)
Air strike in Syria (archive)Reuters

An Israeli security official confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that Israel carried out an overnight air strike in Syria, saying a series of Iranian targets were hit.

The official told AP the air strike hit Iranian storage and logistic targets being used to transfer weapons to the Hezbollah terrorist organization. The official also said Israel also took out a Syrian anti-aircraft battery near Damascus that fired at the Israeli warplanes.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity under standard security protocols. The IDF has not commented on the incident.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia blamed Israel for the air strikes and said It had violated Syria's sovereignty.

"We are very concerned by the attacks and how they were made. This is a gross violation of the sovereignty of Syria," the Russian ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement.

Moscow's defense ministry had said the Israeli strikes had endangered two passenger planes.

Newsweek reported on Tuesday night that the air strike in Syria had targeted several leaders of the Hezbollah terrorist group.

The information was given to Newsweek from a Department of Defense source with access to the information.

Several Iranian ammunition supply points were also a target of the bombing, the source said. The supply points contained valuable, GPS-guided ammunition from 2017, some of the best available to the Iranian army and Hezbollah.