IDF lookouts
IDF lookoutsIDF Spokesman

Five female soldiers serving as lookouts on the Gaza border were sentenced Monday to 10 days' imprisonment after refusing to paint the war room where they serve.

News 2 reported five observers in the IDF combat force, one of whom was recently listed as having prevented a serious security incident.

As part of a project to improve Gaza border infrastructure, the soldiers were ordered to paint a mobile shelter adjacent to their war room and the five refused to do so, claiming that there were writings on the wall that represented the unit.

The IDF Spokesman's Office said in response: "As part of a project to improve infrastructure in the outposts on the Gaza Strip border, to promote the welfare of the individual and upgrade the existing buildings, renovations are taking place in all area outposts.

"In the case in question, a number of female soldiers blocked the painting of the wall and violated the order of their commander. After it was made clear to them that if they continued to prevent the painting it would lead to disciplinary action, the soldiers chose to continue preventing it. The female soldiers were tried and sentenced to ten days in prison. The IDF is constantly working to improve living conditions in the various bases and will continue to do so."