Teitel in court (file)
Teitel in court (file)Flash 90

Yaakov Teitel, who is in Rimonim Prison, has begun a hunger strike to protest his detention. The strike began about 11 days ago, when Teitel was transferred from the religious wing to the separation wing. He was placed in solitary confinement and denied phone calls and visits.

Teitel added that the confinement had harmed him in connection with his family and children, since he had recently had his family visits reduced in number. Teitel also said that during the visits with his family he would be allowed to transfer paintings from his children and that the shackles would be removed from his legs during the visit.

Attorney Shmuel Medad of the Honenu legal organization, who represents Teitel, said that "the detention conditions of Yaakov Teitel and all the Jewish national prisoners are unbearable. In my understanding, they are today the most affected population in the prisons. Every day they tighten the rope, each time there are new orders and decrees. I hope that someone in the IPS (Israel Prison Service) or the ranks above the IPS will catch up with me and stop the growing persecution of Jewish national prisoners."

The IPS confirmed that Teitel had started a hunger strike and said that he was under medical supervision.

Teital was arrested in 2009 and admitted to committing acts of terrorism against Arab, Christian, and Messianic Jewish targets.