What's happening to France
What's happening to FranceFlash 90

The parents of a young French Muslim are threatening a lawsuit against the French government on the pretext that in a French prison a petty felon has become an extremist fundamentalist subject to the dictates of the Islamic State.

In France, there is growing concern over a wave of such claims.

In an interview with French media, the parents told the story of their son who was arrested after he was caught stealing from a supermarket and sent to prison for two years where he met Muslim figures who invited him to sharia and reshaped his positions.

According to them, when he was released from prison, he and other young people like him were told they would receive an amount of 80,000 euros for establishing a Muslim cell. He would recruit operatives and send them Islamic messages in the spirit of ISIS.

The young man's parents also said that from the moment their son returned from prison he terrorized his home, beat his brothers who were behaving in violation of sharia law, forbade his sister to leave the house, and demanded his parents change their way of life.

In light of all this, the parents made it clear that they intended to sue the French government for turning their son from a petty criminal who at most stole from the supermarket, into an Islamic operative who terrorizes his surroundings and in effect created a dormant terrorist cell that would be subject to the whims and demands of Islamic handlers. They say the punishment the French judicial system chose for their son was what caused him to change his perceptions and lead the entire family to live in the shadow of terror and the regime he imposed in their home.

According to the French report following the interview where the parents told of their plight, other Muslim families intend to join the action because of similar stories from within the prison walls.