Amikam Norkin
Amikam NorkinPhoto by Tomer Neuberg/FLASH90

Rona wanted Israel to continue to be a place to grow and live in. Rona passed away on Monday night.

As a full partner in [the late Israeli astronaut and air force pilot Ilan Ramon's] life work, for decades in the Israel Air Force and later in his national mission as our first astronaut, Rona was exposed to and recognized the leading values ​​of all those engaged in aviation and space exploration.

Asaf, Yiftach, Tal, and Noa have also grown into this world of values. Thus, the words expressed by Ilan and Assaf in the course of their service - an aspiration for excellence, precision, professionalism, and skill, along with gentleness and humane approach - all of these were fulfilled by Rona as part of their vision of commemoration.

Assimilating the subject of space and the occupation of aviation and flying engage all those who come to the gates of the classes and clubs established by Ramon.

Every girl and boy concerned with these worlds of content makes Israeli society all the better.

In her lectures and conversations with audiences in Israel and abroad, Rona radiated the power inherent in these values ​​and reflected the combination of calm, coolness, and human warmth with a constant desire for improvement and continuous initiative for excellence.

About a month ago we met at her home. For the first time, Rona met a younger Air Force Commander. And so, during the conversation, I felt the maternal emotion in her words. I prayed this wouldn't be our last meeting.

Rona in her doing inspired those around her.

Rona designed and strengthened the heritage of Ilan and Assaf, a legacy that we, the Air Force, strongly believe in. The IAF embraces Noa, Yiftach, and Tal.