Hamas members of the fairer sex
Hamas members of the fairer sexFlash 90

On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of its founding, Hamas held a series of festive events in which it chose to celebrate the contribution of the mothers who sent their sons to Jihad against Israel.

The Hamas newspaper Al-Risala devoted an article to these mothers. Um Muhammad Buskhar, who gave shelter in her home to terrorist Ashraf Nalwa who carried out the attack in Barkan, asked to convey a message to the Palestinian resistance organizations: "If we could protect him in our stomachs and inside our insides we would."

Five members of Umm Muhammad Buskhar's family were arrested by Israel for helping Na'alwa when he was wanted by Israel.

Umm Muhammad Buskhar also said that "the struggle" is the sole way the Palestinian people have chosen to regain their rights.

The mother of terrorist Salah al-Barghouti who carried out the attack in Ofra said her son's death in the IDF operation was "a mercy on him".

"We'll continue to bless Allah all our lives. We firmly believe that as long as the occupation exists, falling in the path of Allah will remain the way we will go."