'Price tag' graffiti (archive)
'Price tag' graffiti (archive)Flash90

Vandals struck in an Arab village in Samaria overnight, following a wave of terror attacks in the region.

On Tuesday, residents of the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Yasuf – which is located near the Israeli town of Kfar Tapuah in Samaria – found Hebrew graffiti spray-painted on the wall of the village mosque.

Slogans including “Jews Wake Up” and “I can’t fall asleep while blood is spilled here!” were found on the wall of the mosque.

In addition, tires were slashed on roughly 20 vehicles in Yasuf. Graffiti was spray-painted on several cars as well.

Israeli police have opened an investigation into the vandalism.

The graffiti and slashed tires were discovered following a series of terror attacks in Samaria, including a shooting attack near the town of Ofra that left seven wounded and killed a baby born prematurely as a result of the attack; a shooting outside of Givat Assaf which left two dead and two wounded; a terrorist infiltration near Beit El which left one wounded; and a ramming attack outside of Ramallah which injured one IDF soldier.

In the past, some Israeli youths in Judea and Samaria have retaliated following terror attacks with acts of vandalism or stone-throwing against local Arab villagers – a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “Price Tag” incidents.

White House special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt recently condemned Price Tag stone-throwing attacks by Jewish youths on Arab cars last week, following the wave of terror attacks.

“The recent Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis are unconscionable. But throwing rocks at vehicles who have nothing to do with these attacks is NOT a legitimate response. Innocent people could be killed,” Greenblatt wrote on Twitter on Friday.