Holocaust Museum in US
Holocaust Museum in USReuters

The Shem Olam Institute launched an internet campaign inviting users to adopt the name of one Jew who perished in the Holocaust and the day of whose death is unknown, to light a candle in his memory and to say Kaddish for him.

The move began ahead of the tenth of Tevet, the fast day today which commemorates the onset of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, and the general day of Kaddish in memory of the Jews who perished in the Holocaust and whose day of death is unknown.

In a video posted on the Facebook page of the Shem Olam Institute, Jews in Israel and around the world, including public figures and actors, are seen saying kaddish in memory of Holocaust victims.

The unique project is designed to create a connection between later generations and Holocaust victims, and to create a feeling of responsibility among youth and the younger generation that will take part in the joint effort, so that every Jew who perished in the Holocaust will be rewarded with Kaddish on this day.

"The intensity of this day lies in the unity and the saying of Kaddish by millions of Jews around the world," says the Shem Olam Institute.