Rabbi Eliyahu Merav, the step-father of IDF soldier Yosef Cohen, who was murdered in a shooting attack at the Givat Assaf Junction last week, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the "time that the pain is tremendous" which his family is experiencing in the wake of the attack.

"Yosef was a pure soul, genuine, and beautiful. He was a sacrifice for all of Israel. We sent him to the army as a messenger for the family," Rabbi Merav said.

"We believe in this kind of work. He observed the Torah completely, but he understood, as we understand, that in this country, unfortunately, we need a very strong army," he said.

"Unfortunately, we have enemies who was to kill us, literally. They don't understand that the nation of Israel is everlasting. Nobody can destroy us. We are the children of G-d. We are the chosen people - not because we are better than anybody else.

"So we sent Yosef, our dear son, to be one of the people that creates the everlasting chain. May he rest in peace," the bereaved father said.