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Israel technology continues to revolutionize healthcare

The start-up nation continues to be a driving force in technology, with some of the latest additions to healthcare set to increase life expectancy and improve the quality of life for many people around the world. With the pill cam being one of the most impressive Israeli innovations in recent years, here are some of the other most interesting businesses to come out of Israel in the health industry.

Raziel Therapeutics has developed a fat melting injection to replace current treatments such as liposuction and gastric bands. The product melts existing fat cells and also prevents them from forming, potentially creating a breed of skinny people. This is achieved through heat which frees fatty acids and reduces the amount of fat tissue.

With clinical trials underway, having one injection is expect to reduce an individual’s fat by 50%. Treatments must be carried out under clean, medical conditions, which incorporates hygienic wall cladding and other hygiene surfaces.

Raphael Rembrand, an Israeli engineer, has discovered a method for autism screening for new-borns. The process uses a SensPD diagnostic test which allows them to test a baby’s sensory perception. Currently the test is conducted a few hours after birth, with plans for it to be used prenatally in the future.

Yaacov Nitzan of WhiteSwell has just raised $30 million in funding for his treatment to remove excess fluid from lungs and other organs. The process uses a catheter and is minimally invasive, ideally to treat acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF), a condition that hospitalizes around 2 million people in the US every year.

In medical cannabis, Israel has continued to grow its research since Professor Raphael Mechoulam in 1964 established the foundations for scientific research. The company, Seedo, has created the world’s first fully automated growing device for medical cannabis. Looking like a mini-fridge, the device is powered by algorithms and monitored by a smartphone app, effectively running as an independent cannabis growing machine.

Outside healthcare, the Israel tech scene continues to innovate and establish itself as the R&D hub of the world, raising investments of over $800m in the automotive sector alone last year. The holy land also continues to be a prime location for casino companies to operate outside of their mainland, payment processors and web hosting services.