Eichler: 'Women's rights must be upheld.'
Eichler: 'Women's rights must be upheld.'Flash 90

Knesset Ombudsman's Committee Chairman MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) has asked EL AL to allow women to change their places on the plane so as not to sit next to men if that is their personal choice.

During a discussion on El Al's recent Shabbat flight fiasco, Eichler raised the issue of changing seats on El Al flights. "There are women whose rights are being trampled by the fact that they're forced to sit next to men. They want to sit apart and must be allowed to."

MK Eichler emphasized to El Al representatives at the meeting that "A woman has a right not to sit next to a man. It should be important to El Al for a woman to be able to ask, 'I want a place that's not next to a man.' Women have rights."

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