soldiersIDF Spokesperson

The IDF Personnel Directorate is presented Tuesday morning data on recruitment and service in Israeli cities this morning, as of November 2018.

The data presented relate to those born in 1997, most of whom enlisted in 2015 and are being released this year. The data collected refers to those obligated to enlist only, and their ranking by city refers only to places where the number of potential of recruits is over 100.

The rating is weighted by the following components: 50% - the recruitment rate, 25% - the rate of officers, 25% - the nature of the service. The rate of those becoming officers was measures based on soldiers released in 2017.

The nature of the service is calculated by giving priority to combat and significant-service positions.

According to the data, Modi'in Maccabim-Reut is the leading city in the recruitment data among men. The city has the highest rate of recruits with significant positions in the IDF (57.4%), as well as the number of recruits who became officers (15.3%).

The next cities on the recruitment rate list are Givat Shmuel, Hod Hasharon, Nes Tziona and Kfar Yona, respectively.