Hamas, file
Hamas, fileAbed Rahim Katib/Flash 90

Leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization are prepared to restore direct control over the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, according to a report by the Lebanon-based pro-Hezbollah Al-Mayadeen network.

Under the terms of the October 2017 reconciliation agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority’s ruling party, Fatah, the Gaza-based terror group agreed to restore control over the coastal enclave to Ramallah.

As part of the agreement, Fatah promised to form a new unity government with Hamas, and to resume payments in full for public services in the Gaza Strip.

But the deal was never fully implemented, missing the December 1st 2017 deadline for the transfer of power.

On Tuesday, however, it was reported that Hamas leaders have expressed a willingness to transfer power over the Gaza Strip to Fatah control.

The offer does come with a catch, according to the report. Hamas has demanded that the Palestinian Authority follow through with its promise to form a unity government with Hamas. The new unity government must be formed within 45 days, Hamas leaders reportedly demanded.

In addition, Hamas has set new elections as a condition for its surrender of control over the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Authority last held general elections for the PA Legislative Council in January 2006.

According to the Al-Mayadeen report, Hamas has demanded that new elections be held in the next six months.