Map of Sudan
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The Israeli governments is in talks with several African nations in a bid to improve relations, Channel 10 journalist Barak Ravid reported.

One of the nations reportedly in contact with Israel is Sudan.

A senior official told Channel 10 that the visit of Chad President Idriss Deby to Israel will lead to significantly improved relations with Chad's Muslim neighbors Mali and Niger.

One of the goals of the talks with African nations is to allow the passage of flights between Israel and Latin America over those countries - first for foreign airlines and eventually for Israeli airlines as well. Such a move would reduce the flight time to Brazil by about four hours.

In addition, in the framework of the behind-the-scenes efforts in recent months between Israel and Chad, a secret meeting was held in New York in late September between National Security Advisor Meir Ben Shabat and Chad's Foreign Minister Mahmett Zin Sharif. This meeting paved the way for the arrival of a senior Israeli delegation to Chad a few days later.