Moshe Edri
Moshe EdriMiriam Alster/Flash 90

The committee for the appointment of senior officials headed by retired judge Eliezer Goldberg decided Wednesday that the candidate for the post of police commissioner, Moshe (Chico) Edri, will have to undergo a polygraph test as is customary in the Israel Police.

The committee explained that "such an examination is required both according to the principle of equality between the candidates, when two other candidates have undergone such an examination, and in order to prevent rumors against the candidate, if appointed, that he had something to hide. Such a cloud should not hover above the head of the police commissioner."

The committee will publish its opinion regarding Edri's appointment after the polygraph test. In recent weeks, the committee held a number of discussions on Edri's appointment and interviewed the Minister of Public Security, the current police commissioner and the candidate to replace him.

In addition, the Committee published a notice to the public that any person holding any facts that may, in his or her opinion, assist in the examination of the committee, is invited to approach it. This announcement brought many reactions from the public, most of which was in praise of the candidate, but there were also those who complained about improper behavior on the part of Edri.

"The committee saw fit to hear two of the complainants, and also received general information from the Israel Police on discipline in the organization," the committee said. "The public trust in the police is influenced, to a great extent, by the image of the police commissioner, and one of the means to preserve the image of the police is, among other things, by ensuring that a worthy person is its leader. A moral flaw in the behavior of the police commissioner affects the entire chain of command."