The US-based Am Yisrael Chai Foundation is currently expanding its activities in Israel and is conducting a special campaign to strengthen and rehabilitate agriculture in the Gaza-adjacent Jewish communities and to advance national goals.

In light of the security situation in the Gaza adjacent Jewish communities and the ongoing arson terror, which is destroying local crops, plantations and fields, the Foundation is launching a special operation, the likes of which has not yet been seen in Israel.

The Foundation is currently raffling a new luxury apartment in the heart of Jerusalem for a participation fee of only $180.

The proceeds from the raffle will serve to advance Zionist goals, first and foremost assistance to farmers in the Gaza adjacent Jewish communities and in the north who have been contending with arson and agricultural terror for a very long time.

Says Shmuel Sackett, the Founder and Director of Am Yisrael Chai, “The reason I started [the organization] is because I wanted to help causes and people and programs in Israel that nobody else was helping.”

These causes include, among others, “helping folks in Judea and Samaria plant fruit trees. What sounds like a simple thing is actually a major project because a lot is involved…there’s a tremendous amount of work that goes into it but what’s good about fruit trees is that they provide a livelihood for families. We have helped people plant thousands of trees, and today they are making a livelihood from this: Wine, oil, mangoes, avocados and many other things.”

As for the Gaza-adjacent farmers, Sackett notes that “I have literally sent down to Gaza over 5,000 brand new trees to be planted. We need to do a lot more than that but this is a project that, since we started, has planted over 3,000 fruit trees all across Israel.”

The current project is “bold and a bit crazy”, as Sackett puts it. “We’re doing something called the Dream Raffle. I’ve opened it up to the world and I’m actually raffling off an apartment in Jerusalem that overlooks the Temple Mount. We’re talking about an apartment that will be yours forever. You can give it to your great grandchildren. It’s located in the Arnona neighborhood, the 18th floor of a beautiful, luxury building. We’re giving it away free to the person who wins the raffle.”

Participation in the raffle is possible until December 6, 2018. The raffle will be held on the eighth candle of Hanukkah, December 12, 2018.

The cost of the apartment will be financed entirely from the raffle money. When 10,000 tickets are sold, the first apartment will be raffled. If more than 40,000 tickets are sold, the organization will place two apartments in the raffle.

The apartments are new apartments in the prestigious "Zion Towers" project in Jerusalem.

Haven't joined yet? This is the time to support the Gaza-adjacent Jewish farmers and along the way to win an apartment in Jerusalem! To purchase a raffle ticket, click here.