On scene of Barkan attack
On scene of Barkan attackFlash 90

The IDF has ordered the partial demolition of the home of the terrorist responsible for the deadly shooting attack in the Barkan industrial zone last month.

On October 7th, 23-year-old terrorist Ashraf Naalwa, a resident of a Palestinian Authority-controlled village near Tulkarem in Samaria, shot and killed two Israelis during an attack in the Barkan industrial zone in central Samaria.

The victims, 28-year-old Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel and 35-year-old Ziv Hajbi had been taken hostage and tied up before being shot to death by Naalwa. A third victim was shot and wounded in the attack.

On Tuesday, IDF central command chief Major General Nadav Padan issued demolition orders for two stories of the home where Naalwa resided prior to the October 7th attack.

The Naalwa residence, in the village of Shweika, will remain partially intact, with the demolition to be limited to the two floors used by Naalwa.

The order was issued after a request by the terrorist’s family that the home be left fully intact was rejected. The family will have five days to file a petition with the Supreme Court to appeal the decision to reject their initial request.

“The security forces are continuing their search for the terrorist, and will continue to act decisively to foil terror attacks and to deter potential terror attacks,” and IDF spokesperson said.