Bennett at Jewish Home Meeting
Bennett at Jewish Home MeetingPicture: Chezky Buruch

Earlier today (Monday), at the beginning of a party meeting, Chairman of the Jewish Home Party and Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, spoke out harshly against Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman.

"To my chagrin, through the past two years since Liberman was appointed Minister of Defense, we have seen a collapse of Israeli deterrence. The defense establishment isn't sufficiently decisive with demolishing the houses of murderous terrorists, doesn't prevent payments to the families of the terrorists, even though we've be banging on the table about this for two years now, and doesn't ensure swift judicial action."

"This is the direct responsibility of the minister of Defense. One who doesn't demand deterrence, doesn't create it. It's all bluff and no action. Consequentially, we brought the Expulsion of Terrorists Families Law as a lever to accelerate the Defense Establishment into action. If the Minster of Defense can't do his job, we'll do it for him. Bring security or step aside. The current situation cannot continue".

Bennett finished his words praising President Trump on account of the new wave of economic sanction placed on the Iranian regime.

Minister Liberman responded to Bennett via Twitter stating " I saw Bennett upset and nervous in the party meeting. I wish him good health and a long life"

Naftali Bennett
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