Robert Bowers
Robert BowersPIttsburgh Police Department

The gunman responsible for the massacre inside a Pittsburgh synagogue last week was in contact with British neo-Nazis prior to the attack, UK media outlets reported Monday.

Robert Bowers, a 46-year-old resident of Baldwin, Pennsylvania, reportedly was in contact with fringe elements in Britain, raising concerns the October 27th massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue could inspire copy-cat attacks in the UK.

Bowers, whose social media accounts were filled with anti-Semitic and white supremacist comments, entered the Tree of Life synagogue last Saturday and opened fire with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and three handguns.

Seven congregants and four guests were killed in the shooting. Two others were wounded inside the synagogue, before police arrived at the scene. In the ensuing gunfight, four more officers were wounded, before Bowers was shot and surrendered himself to authorities.

According to security sources cited by The Daily Mail in a report Monday, Bowers had been in touch with white supremacists in Britain who shared his belief in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

On his Gab social media page, Bowers claimed that President Trump was a puppet of Jewish interests.

One security source cited by The Daily Mail said there was concern that British white supremacists would follow Bowers’ example and attack Jewish targets in the UK, including synagogues.