Gaza rioters
Gaza riotersFlash 90

Daoud Shihab, a senior member of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and a member of the information committee of the so-called “March of the Return” processions, revealed the "new tactics" of the processions.

In a conversation with the Hamas website Al-Risala, Shihab said that the new tactic is based on "striving for a situation in which there are no casualties among the civilians participating in the demonstrations," stressing that this does not mean stopping the processions.

"The new tactic is based on a discipline that will be implemented in the field in order to avoid casualties," he said.

Shihab added that there would be no relinquishment of the objectives of the processions of return, first and foremost the strategic goal embodied in the realization of the right of return to “Palestine” which has been occupied since 1948.

"There is no alternative to the right of return but to return, and therefore the processions continue and the Palestinians will continue their processions and various activities in order to anchor this right in the consciousness of the generations," he said.

The second goal of the processions, Shihab said, is a complete break of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

His comments came a day after the weekly protests along the Gaza-Israel border were the quietest in months.

The violent border riots, which have been occurring every week since March 30, included Gazans attempting to infiltrate into Israel, as well as using kites and balloons with explosives attached in order to set fire to Israeli property.

On Friday, thousands again gathered in several sites across the border but largely stayed away from the barrier.

Unlike previous protests, demonstrators did not fly kites with attached incendiary devices across the border to set fire to Israeli farmland, and few tires were burned.

The progress in the talks with Israel on a long-term ceasefire and the transfer of financial assistance from Qatar to Gaza appear to be a significant factor in Hamas and other terrorist organizations' decision to moderate the violent nature of the “March of the Return” protests.