A Likud MK associated with the party’s libertarian wing visited a gun range on Thursday, for her annual shooting practice.

MK Sharren Haskel, a 34-year-old Canadian-born lawmaker from the Likud party, is the first female parliamentarian in the Israeli Knesset to have served in a combat unit for her mandatory military service.

Born in Toronto, Haskel moved with her family to Israel as a baby, but returned to North America for one year during college, after having served as a commander in Israel’s Border Police during the Second Intifada.

Haskel later studied in Australia, and worked as a veterinarian, before returning to Israel.

In 2015, Haskel won a seat in the Knesset with the Likud list, and quickly earned a reputation as the parliament’s most personal liberty-oriented lawmaker, regularly topping the Israeli Freedom Movement’s Freedom Index.

On Thursday, Haskel’s office released footage from her visit to a shooting range, where she practice firing her personal sidearm.

Haskel said in a statement that she has carried a handgun with her since she finished her service in the Border Police, adding that she goes to the shooting range at least once a year to keep her skills sharp.

“I make sure to practice my marksmanship at the range every year,” said Haskel.

“Since my service as a combat soldier and commander in the Border Police and a level 07 Rifleman, I carry a personal firearm. I feel obliged to maintain my shooting skills, so that I’ll be ready for any possible situation. That’s how every gun owner needs to behave. During the period of ‘lone-wolf’ terror attacks, dozens of attacks were prevented by civilians who were carrying their [private] guns.”

MK Sharren Haskel at the firing range
MK Sharren Haskel at the firing rangeSpokesperson for MK Haskel