Atar Family
Atar FamilyCourtesy of the family

Heavy mourning in the village of Psagot: Eight members of the Atar family were killed in the road accident that occurred at noon on Route 90 near the Dead Sea. The date of the funerals has not yet been determined.

The parents and their six children were on their way to a family trip in the south of the country: Yariv was 45, Shoshi was 47, and the children were Yaakov Israel, 12, Ateret, 11, Ayala, 9, Moriah, 7, Yedid, 5, and Avigail, 3 years old.

Yariv worked at a computer company, and his wife Shoshi was a special education teacher at Keren Or in Jerusalem. The children attended elementary school and preschools in Psagot and the eldest son attended the Yeshiva High School of Mateh Binyamin in Beit El.

The Atar family arrived in Psagot about 13 years ago, not long after their wedding. The family lived in the Ai neighborhood and about two years ago moved to the central neighborhood and established their place in the community.

When the disaster became known, the emergency staff of the village met, among other things, to provide a broad response to the various community needs. "The community of Psagot is strong and united and is distinguished for its social strength, and we're working together with welfare and community leaders to cover the extended family and close friends."

This evening, community gatherings were held in the town together with the professional staff, the rabbi of the community, and welfare and social services from the Binyamin Council.