Finnish citizens support Jews in Pittsburgh
Finnish citizens support Jews in PittsburghLev HaOlam

“We are with you Pittsburgh!” Among the many supporters of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh, where a horrific terror attack took place in a synagogue, are also some that are more surprising. Citizens from Finland who were on a tour of Samaria organized by the Lev HaOlam organization were shocked to hear the terrible news about the shooting. They quickly joined others in expressing their support for the Pittsburgh Jewish community.

The tour that the group was attending was organized by Attorney Nati Rom, founder of the Lev HaOlam organization, which fights against the international boycott of Judea and Samaria. The participants on the tour visited Rom’s home and from there they continued to historical sites in Samaria as well as to small businesses in Samaria that are targeted by the boycott.

“They were shocked to hear the news,” explained Rom. “They view support of the Jewish community and the fight against the global boycott as one and the same. The message they want to make clear is that the Jews of the world are not alone- citizens of Finland also want to support Jews wherever they may be.”

In order to demonstrate their support after the tragedy, the participants in the tour took pictures with signs they created saying, “We are with you Pittsburgh!”

“Anti-Semitism and the BDS movement have the same root,” explained Rom. “BDS is the practical reincarnation of anti-Semitism only hiding itself behind concern for the Palestinians. BDS activists do not honestly care about anyone, and their goal is only to destroy the Jewish State, as they write on the signs on their rallies.”

“The incitement of BDS groups against Jews living in Judea and Samaria is constantly increasing and it fans anti-Semitism around the world. We must stop the train of lies from continuing forward. Fortunately, we are joined by many citizens around the world who stand with the Jewish people and express their support clearly.”