Major A. from Unit 669
Major A. from Unit 669IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Troops from Israel's elite 669 Search and Rescue unit described their Thursday mission to rescue Jordanian schoolchildren that were swept away by a flood.

"We received a report from the air force's control cell that we are required to prepare for a rescue mission from a flood of children on a trip, and we are required to leave and be ready as soon as possible," said Lt. Col. A, who commanded the rescue mission.

"The complexity of the event is first of all that it involves children. The second thing is that this is an event that happens at night in a foreign country, where communication and coordination gaps are evident, and the stream is very intense and the flow makes it difficult for rescue " he added.

Captain A., a career army pilot, recalled that "when we arrived at the squadron yesterday, we understood that it was going to be a stormy weather and we started preparations in the squadron, both in terms of the helicopters and for us a complex event in the weather."

"When you go out on a rescue and rescue mission, all you care about is getting to the people on the ground and who needs your help, no matter where he is and who he is. Life, and we'll do it anywhere, anytime, whether it's with us or if it's from our neighbors.," said Major A. a reserve pilot who participated in the rescue.

In addition, the Megillot Search and Rescue Unit, under the Israel Police, is being dispatched to Jordan to assist in the rescue efforts.

The 20 schoolchildren and their chaperone were killed after they were swept away by torrential rains on Thursday while on a hike.