Nearly 100 Jewish residents of Hevron visited the ancient archaeological site of Alonei Mamra, located northwest of Hevron, which is identified with the home of the Biblical Patriarch Abraham. The visit occurred at night under the protection of the IDF.

תושבי חברון הלכו "לבקר" את אברהם אבינודובר צה"ל

In the Bible it is explicitly stated that Abraham built an altar to G-d in Alonei Mamra, that that is where he was informed of the imprisonment of his nephew Lot, and it is from there that Abraham went to war to release Lot.

It is also the place where Abraham was forced commanded to observe the rite of circumcision, hosted the three angels, and was informed that his elderly wife Sarah would bear his son Isaac, the latter two of which occur in this week's Torah portion. At that location he prayed that the city of Sodom be spared, an act which is credited with beginning the Jewish tradition of praying in the morning according to certain Talmudic opinions.

Major Eitan Dana, the battalion commander in the Judea Brigade who secured the entrance to Alonei Mamra, said: "We brought a group of visitors of various ages to the Alonei Mamra site under the responsibility of Midreshet Hevron. This mission joins an inseparable operational sequence between the defense of settlement and the prevention of terrorism. This mission is an important part of the division's activity in a space that enables quality of life for residents and visitors to the area."

The officer added: "It is exciting and gives a sense of meaning that the entire brigade - its commanders and soldiers are happy to have the right to secure such a mission."