Sara Chadad is not a “regular kallah.” When she found her chassan and got engaged, the family did their best to act as though everything was “regular.” They smiled for the pictures and said “Mazel tov.” Underneath, however, darker thoughts were brewing.

Last year, father Moshe Chadad had a stroke which left him wheelchair-bound. In the months that have followed, he has undergone painful and difficult treatments. Unable to provide for his family, and now completely disabled, their home has fallen into a state of chaos. Children go without suitable clothing for school, and each week finding sufficient food is a struggle.

At this point they have even run out of money for Moshe’s life-saving treatments. They live their lives in a state of terror.

So when 18-year-old Sara, with her gentle demeanor and sweet smile, became a kallah, emotions ran high. Both the child and parents knew immediately that there was no money to pay for the wedding.

With a month remaining until the chuppah, exasperation has set in. Moshe, a father who once lovingly provided for his children, has been forced to record an emotional video begging strangers to help him to marry off his daughter. Sara, who at just 18 has focused her efforts on helping her parents to raise her siblings, longs for the chance to start anew. The situation is bad: Moshe’s treatments are now longer affordable, and the family has yet to purchase Sara a wedding dress, a hall, or any of the necessary wedding expenses.

Their state of poverty and need is so extreme that their cause has been picked up by charity organization Kupat Ha’Ir. Donations are being accepted to “Sara’s Fund” here for a limited time. The campaign shows touching pictures of a young kallah and her chassan. If one did not know the desperate suffering of her family, they might even think she was happy. With the help of strangers however, she could be.