Matan Peleg and Ayelet Shaked
Matan Peleg and Ayelet ShakedIm Tirtzu

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked participated in the annual conference of the Im Tirtzumovement and spoke about her struggles to change the Israeli legal system and stop the foreign funding given to organizations seeking to erode Israeli sovereignty.

"Former Justice Minister Dan Meridor, together with then-Constitution Committee Chairman Uriel Lynn, passed the Basic Laws that led to the constitutional revolution. In addition, Meridor disengaged from Supreme Court authority. In the end the judges interpret the laws and pour their worldview into the judgments, so the judges' identity is the most important cement.

"I understood at the beginning of my term that [Finance Minister Moshe] Kahlon would prevent structural changes in basic laws and that the most important thing is the judges' identity," Shaked said. "So I set a number one goal to appoint conservative judges and I invest effort in every single appointment. I'm responsible for the appointment of 300 out of 750 judges. It's a profound change. I'd be happy if I could serve another term in the Justice Ministry. For that, we need a lot of seats."

Shaked said that in talks with ministers from European countries, she asks them not to contribute to organizations working against Israel. "Recently, I approached a foreign minister in one of the major donor countries and told them to contribute to important organizations that really care about human rights such as Save the Heart of a Child, an organization that works for human life and doesn't harass IDF soldiers.

"We have to put very heavy pressure on the donor countries to stop funding organizations that work against Israel and divert the money to truly humanitarian organizations. This is definitely something that's diplomatically possible."

The Justice Minister stressed that the Jewish Home Party is the only party that "speaks out against a Palestinian state and for the imposition of sovereignty over Area C. It's precisely during the Trump era that there's an opportunity to take action to apply sovereignty in places like Ma'aleh Adumim and Gush Etzion as a start. Jewish Home as a party will continue to push to apply sovereignty. That's the right solution," she clarified.

Im Tirtzu movement Chairman Matan Peleg said at the opening of the movement's second decade that "we must continue to fight for the truth and expose those who mean us no good in Israel and abroad. We'll continue to fight against every PLO flag, an unworthy syllabus, and anyone who acts against the State of Israel. We must continue to do everything for the bereaved families and the IDF veterans."