Chickens (illustrative)
Chickens (illustrative)Flash 90

Arab suspects on Friday morning set fire to four chicken coops in northern Israel.

The coops, which contained a total of 40,000 chickens, are located in Beit Lechem Hagalilit (Bethlehem of Galilee) and belonged to a 70-year-old farmer.

The Arabs set fire to the coops at approximately 3:00a.m. on Friday morning. Firefighters arriving at the scene gained control of the flames, which had already caused heavy damage.

Police have opened an investigation.

Jezreel Valley Regional Council Head Eyal Batzar demanded the Israeli government fight agricultural terror.

"Our lands are not a free-for-all," Batzar said. "Agriculture, even without agricultural crime, has become impossible."

"I demand an emergency discussion and the allocation of appropriate resources to end the crime. This is a national issue and it needs to be dealt with immediately and with determination."

MK Eytan Broshi (Zionist Union) said, "Agricultural crime is rampant, and the government remains silent. Last night, four poultry coops belonging to farmers in Beit Lechem Hagalilit... In the fire, over 50,000 chickens were destroyed, and the total damage is estimated to be in the millions."

"I call on the government to keep its promise to eradicate agricultural terror."