Happening in Har Bracha
Happening in Har BrachaHar Bracha Spokesman

Residents of Har Bracha in Samaria celebrated Sukkot by continuing a special tradition whereby residents host "Ushpizin" guests in their homes for a meeting of learning and discussion on current affairs with the village rabbi.

In addition to the "Ushpizin", the women of the Yishuv meet as "Ushpizot" - a meeting of friends and practical study of the holiday and life.

The children of Har Bracha also established their own tradition of starting the morning with an experiential Torah study that takes place every day in the sukkah of another family.

Last Wednesday, a huge event took place with thousands of guests from all over the country who came to the village to celebrate Sukkot with huge games, an escape room, and a variety of activities for children. Concurrently, adult classes were held.

The highlight of Sukkot was Simchat Beit Hashoeva with Akiva Turgeman, with participation of Ministers Yariv Levin and Chaim Katz, as well as Shomron Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan. In the event, the demand for constructing 800 housing units was raised again in response to the murder of Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal.

Har Bracha residents ascend Temple Mount (Spokesman)

Har Bracha has continued its tradition for a number of years and last Thursday at 5 am, a record number of 325 residents, men, women, and children together ascended the Temple Mount.

By the way, on Simchat Torah at Har Bracha, every hakafah circuit is dedicated to an important public without whom life would not be complete: Torah scholars, leaders of the economy, soldiers, teachers, and more.

Resident Ilan Pedinker says "Har Bracha has a wide range of activities, especially learning Torah, each person finding a suitable place in the community. It was a significant holiday for the whole family."