Russian S-300 missile system
Russian S-300 missile systemiStock

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygo told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the S-300 anti-aircraft had reached Syria.

It was Shoygo who announced a week and a half ago that Moscow would soon supply Syria with the advanced air defense system.

The supply of the system to Syria is part of Russia's response to the downing of the Russian reconnaissance plane on the Mediterranean coast during an Israeli attack in the Latakia region of Syria.

The loss of the Ilyushin IL-20 turboprop reconnaissance aircraft, including all 15 crew members, caused a crisis between Russia and Israel, even though the missiles that struck the aircraft were fired by the Syrian military..

The Defense Ministry in Moscow claimed that the Israel air force behaved unprofessionally and contrary to the coordination agreement between the two countries, and even used the Russian plane to evade anti-aircraft systems in Damascus during the attack in Latakia last Monday.