In a special Sukkot interview to be aired tonight on Arutz Sheva, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman related to his government's apparent turnaround on Palestinian state policy.

Speaking from his Jerusalem sukkah, Friedman says President Trump "wants an agreement. I think he's much less concerned about the structure than he is about the agreement."

"He spoke about it several times yesterday, and what he said is really consistent with what he's been saying all along which is: Whatever the parties can agree to, he will support. Reality is, I think, he's seen very little support on either side for a one-state solution, so, I think his observations are correct but ultimately this is about an agreement; it's not about the form of the agreement it's about what the agreement would be."

Asked bluntly whether Judea and Samaria's Jews now have reason to worry for their future, Friedman was non-committal: "I don't want to get into the details of a peace proposal."

Friedman did, however, share his personal conviction in opposition to ethnic cleansing: "I think we're still months away as the President has indicated, but I'll tell you, I've been very clear on this personally, that I don't think it's reasonable to expect any agreement to depend upon forcing people to leave their homes. That applies to Arabs as well as Jews. I think the idea of forced population transfer is not a pathway to peace," Friedman said.

Watch the full interview tonight at 20:00 on Arutz Sheva.