A car camera documented a serious accident that took place last night on Rokach Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

From the video, the vehicle is seen passing the crossroads - hitting two boys with force while veering slightly toward him and dragging one of them on the road.

Two footballers fled from the scene of the accident for about an hour, returned, and were arrested by the police. The two, who play on the MS Ashdod and Kiryat Shmona teams, drove two cars.

Immediately after the accident, the two fled to a nightclub in the south of the city, hid the offending vehicle as police hunted for them and returned to the area of ​​the accident with the other vehicle.

Police are investigating a suspicion the offender was driving under the influence of alcohol. The boy who was very seriously injured underwent surgery overnight and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Ichilov Hospital under sedation and assisted respiration. His friend was lightly injured.

MS Ashdod, the soccer team, issued a statement this evening: "The Ashdod Sports Club regrets the incident where the team player was involved. At this time we're learning details of the incident and are closely following the investigation. We stand by him, support him, and assist him in his legal representation, and when the facts become clear, we'll respond accordingly. Above all we hope for the full recovery of the wounded youths and send them our best wishes for speedy recovery."

A court has extended the detention of one of the suspects until Wednesday. There is a gag order on releasing his name.