Avigdor Kahalani
Avigdor KahalaniEliran Aharon

The daily Israel Hayom claims the name of Brigadier General (res.) Avigdor Kahalani was raised among senior members of Jewish Home as a candidate for inclusion in the party's Knesset list in the run-up to the upcoming elections.

According to the newspaper, "the party thinks that Kahalani - secular and Mizrahi with a rich military resume - may be suited, and is even thinking of reserving a place for him." In this context, the failed attempt to integrate former footballer and soccer coach Eli Ohana into the ranks of the party was mentioned, a move that did not succeed.

Kahalani himself told Israel Hayom he was repeatedly asked about the possibility of resuming political activity. In his opinion, the Jewish Home party works well, as he put it, but noted "they didn't turn to me."

In the past, Kahalani served as Internal Security Minister in Netanyahu's government as founder and head of the Third Way party, seeking to balance between Right and Left. Later on his party did not pass the threshold. He moved to the Likud and was placed in the 41st place, but the party did not receive that many Knesset seats. Later, when Tzachi Hanegbi retired to Kadima and it was his turn to enter the Knesset, he chose to leave the list.