Hevron resident and former Kach party activist Noam Federman blasted a decision handed down by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, after he was convicted in connection with a stone-throwing incident in Hevron.

Federman and his son were filmed throwing rocks at Palestinian Authority residents, after they themselves had been pelted by stones.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Federman accused the court of hypocrisy, saying the judge had both praised his behavior, while also finding him guilty.

“I went into the court room today with a smile, and I went out of the hearing with a bigger smile because I’m proud of what I did. If the same situation would happen again, I would do exactly the same – hunt the terrorist and defend Jews.”

“The judge today contradicted himself, saying on the one hand that I did a great act to defend Jewish life, and from the other hand he decided to convict me. This is a disgrace to the justice system that is hunting Jews instead of hunting the terrorists.”