Western Wall and Mughrabi Gate
Western Wall and Mughrabi GateKobi Gideon/Flash 90

Former MK Eli Yishai slammed the Reform community, suggesting they "build a Western Wall in Berlin."

"The Reform's history, for those who don't know, began 200 years ago," Yishai said in an interview with Channel 20. "They said Jerusalem is too old, and Berlin is their new capital city, they don't need Jerusalem. Obviously, they don't need the Western Wall. So it's all nonsense anyways."

"It's all just to fight and make wars with others," he emphasized. "So I suggest the Reform build themselves a Western Wall either in Berlin or New York, everywhere where they are. And if they truly want, they can come to the Western Wall."

"If someone Reform or Conservative truly wants to come to the Western Wall, he's invited to do so. It's for everyone. Everyone can come pray at the Western Wall."

Slamming the Western Wall plan, Yishai said, "What does it mean, a Western Wall that's for Reform only? So now you're going to make a Western Wall for every sector? For the hasidim, for the Lithuanian-haredim, for the Reform, for the Conservative? It's all nonsense. This is an unnecessary fight. I suggest we drop it."