Empty luggage carousel
Empty luggage carouseliStock

Passengers on a Sunday flight from Tel Aviv to Florence, Italy, arrived at their destination to find that their suitcases were missing, Ynet reported.

Four days after the Vueling flight landed, the suitcases are still missing, and it appears that the airline did not load the suitcases on the plane at all.

The passengers have appealed to both Vueling and Israel's ground services company Aero Handling, but have received a response from neither.

Neither Monday nor Tuesday were business days in Israel.

Passengers say they were told two days ago that their suitcases were on their way to Spain, from where they would continue on to Italy. They also said that the Vueling initially claimed to have no idea where the suitcases were, and that they were working on locating them.

Ynet quoted Ofir, a newlywed who traveled to Florence for his honeymoon, said his wife's suitcase contained an EpiPen, without which the vacation could easily turn into a disaster.

"If something happens - G-d save us," he said, noting that every day they're told that the suitcases will arrive "tomorrow."

"We came for a 26-day honeymoon, and everything was packed in our suitcases: coats, winter gear, thermal gear, this stuff isn't cheap," he told Ynet. "This is a huge loss, and they completely ruined our trip. What's even sadder is that no one cares."

Neither Vueling nor Aero Handling responded to Ynet's request for comment.