Avinoam Emunah
Avinoam EmunahCourtesy of Channel 10

Women’s organization “Breaking the Equality” expressed support for Col. Avinoam Emunah, commander of the Golan Formation, who asked that a male representative of the IDF spokesperson serve under him father than a female representative.

Following his request, which was answered in the affirmative, he was attacked by a Haaretz reporter who accused the senior officer of "excluding women."

Na'ama Zarbiv, chairwoman of the organization, believes that every mother of a female soldier would not want her daughter to sit in a car at night with another man. "There is no choice in the army, and he is a married person and knows what complex situations the army has, so he asks that they let him choose to be with a spokesman and not a spokeswoman. This is a man who respects women.”

"I ask mothers - would you be ready for your daughter to be under a commander day and night? There are complex and embarrassing situations in the army, and we are happy that the army responded to his request and placed a spokesman under him."

Colonel Avinoam Emunah, who entered his new post as Golan Formation Commander in July, was asked to choose a new IDF Spokesman representative to serve in the brigade.

Among candidates for placement at the time were female soldiers, and Emunah explained it was more convenient for him to serve with a man at his side. Following his request, a male NCO.was appointed brigade spokesman.

Haaretz reporter Uri Misgav criticized the senior officer for his decision to prefer a male soldier to a female soldier: "This is a matter of her exclusion for all intents and purposes - quiet, gray, creeping. Repeatedly, that's exactly how it works.

"The IDF must decide: If it's determined to remain the army of the people, in which joint service and equality of gender roles are established, then light matters must be enforced like serious ones, even if it involves putting religious commanders in their place, no matter how heroic."

38-year-old Emunah wears a yarmulke and is married and the father of five. The esteemed officer was awarded a medal by the Battalion Commander for his performance as the Paratroopers' 101 Battalion Commander during Operation Protective Edge.

The IDF Spokesman's Office said in response: "The IDF Spokesman's Unit serves both men and women as division spokespersons, and their placement is determined solely on the basis of professional considerations."

A military source confirmed the Golan Formation Commander did indeed request a male non-commissioned officer as brigade spokesman but stressed that at no stage did he veto a spokeswoman for the brigade. According to him, appointing a spokesman for the brigade was made for practical reasons.