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A New York man in search of a kidney donor has posted his request on a billboard in Times Square.

Marc Weiner lost both of his kidneys and his bladder to what he describes on his website, helpmarcfindakidney.com, as “aggressive” bladder cancer in 2015 at the age of 50. Now cancer-free, he must undergo dialysis three times a week, which he calls “debilitating.”

The billboard, which went up late last week, was donated by a friend of Weiner’s wife, Lisa, who is the president of a national billboard company. Dawn Del Mastro-Chruma told CNN that she wants to spread awareness about the need for live kidney donors in general.

“My name is Marc, I need a Kidney, YOU can Help!” reads the billboard, alongside a photo of a smiling Weiner. It also lists his website, which includes an informational video about living donor transplantation.

His wife Lisa said in a post on Facebook that 10 people who have seen the billboard have come forward to be tested to see if they are a match with Weiner and able to donate a kidney.

“My illness does not define me. I have a beautiful 12-year-old daughter and fantastic wife who support me on this wild journey. Although it is challenging, I have tried to maintain an award-winning career in TV News and stay as engaged in life as possible. Each day I push to be positive and make the best of what is not an easy situation,” Weiner writes on his website.

The billboard reportedly will remain in place until Weiner finds a donor or the end of November when it must come down due to prior construction plans.