Attack in Syria (archive)
Attack in Syria (archive)Reuters

A number of loud explosions were heard on Saturday night at the Mezzeh airbase near Damascus.

Local media outlets reported that there were deaths and injuries as a result of the explosion at the base, which has been attacked in the past.

According to the reports, "the air defense operated against a missile attack that came from outside Syria." The Lebanese Al-Mayadeen network, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, claimed that Israel attacked the airbase with missiles.

The Arabic-language Sky News network reported that the attack targeted ammunition depots and a military position belonging to Iranian forces and Shiite militias operating at the airbase.

However, the official Syrian news agency SANA reported that the explosions were caused by an electrical problem that was caused by a technical malfunction rather than an Israeli attack.

In late July, Arab media outlets claimed that Israeli fighter jets hit targets in Syria’s Hama province.

Lebanese media outlets claimed that Israeli aircraft were spotted over Lebanese airspace, while Syrian sources claimed that targets had been hit Sunday evening outside of the city of Masyaf, located in the Hama province in northwestern Syria.

Unconfirmed reports claimed that the targets hit included weapons development centers run by the Assad regime.