A satirical video released by the Tzabar group in cooperation with the Derech Chaim movement today portrays an Arab Knesset member in his Knesset office and speaking in the plenum, wandering around the Knesset and freely inciting against the State.

The repeating refrain throughout the video is "Democracy here is a celebration, there's no country like it."

In the video, the Knesset member participates in a demonstration to liberate "Palestine" with PLO flags, pushes a policeman who came to maintain order in the area, participates in the Gaza flotilla that includes "a few blows with soldiers", and comforting terrorist's family members calling out "So come on, give us more missiles!"

The Knesset Member is also portrayed in his office displaying a picture of Abbas, encouraging Hamas in its war against Israel, smuggles cell phones into jail because "with immunity I can do anything", and ending with the sentence "When the Knesset salary comes in, I let out one big laugh."

Boaz Albert of the Tzabar group and one of the creators of the video says, "We've become accustomed to a strange and inconceivable reality in which the enemy uses our democratic game against us. What's perhaps more serious is that we're captives in this game, because this is a democracy.

"This reality is getting worse, and the enemy representatives in the Knesset are becoming bolder and more daring because of our inability to respond. We can be angry, we can protest, and we can simply present it as it is - they celebrate us, our naivete."