Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, wondered in an interview with Arutz Sheva why FIFA had suspended Jibril Rajoub from his post only after his calls against Argentina and its star Lionel Messi.

"For years Rajoub incited to murder Israelis, we filed three complaints in this matter, but they apparently were afraid of punishing him, and only now that he threatened Argentine athletes decided to dismiss him and give him a fine. So apparently inciting to murder Israelis is not as bad as inciting against athletes from Argentina."

Marcus believes Rajoub's suspension from his position in the Football Association will not harm him and may even strengthen his standing in the Palestinian Authority. "Jibril Rajoub is a senior official in the PA, he is responsible for youth and sports in the Palestinian Authority, he is registrar of the Central Fatah Committee, and many see him as a successor to Abbas. His suspension from FIFA will not prevent him from moving forward, and maybe it will advance him, because whoever gets into trouble with the world, that advances him among the Palestinians and makes him even more a hero. "

He hopes that law enforcement in Israel, at least, will put Rajoub on trial for inciting to murder Israelis. "We filed a complaint together with families of terror victims from 2016, we documented all the calls for Rajoub's incitement to murder Israelis, and they should prosecute him, and if the police do not give us a response, we will make a request to the Supreme Court to compel the police to respond to the complaint."