The leader of the Labor Party's Young Guard released a video accusing the 'settlement right' of benefiting from the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in order to build an Israel ruled by the "Jewish Brotherhood".

Rabin was assassinated on November 4, 1995 by Yigal Amir following a political rally in Tel Aviv.

In the video clip posted on the Young Guard's page, Tomer Pines says that "Rabin's murder paid off for the settler right".

According to Pines, "Once, I thought they incited against Rabin only to prevent the return of the territories. Now, I realize that I was innocent. The murder was not only about peace agreements and the division of the land, it was and remains the character of the state, On the right, they do not want anyone to dare say it, but we must say clearly and courageously: Rabin's murder paid off for the settler- right."

Pines went on to blame the 'settler-right' for being afraid of an "Israel of solidarity, of free speech, of caring about the weak. Not of hatred and division."

The leader of Labor party's youth wing alleged that "like any racist movement, the right-wing's Jewish Brotherhood of Bennett, Shaked [Rabbi Yigal] Levenstein and Smotrich seeks to educate us to live like them. "

'They have a dream- they dream of a halachic state, one in which a man rules, where the women are property and Arabs know their place. They dream of a state in which inciting against the gay community is cool. That if you are black, it is possible to expel you to your death," continued Pines, alluding to the African migrant controversy.

Ever since Rabin's death, left’s longstanding claim has been that incitement by rightist leaders, and specifically Netanyahu who headed the opposition at the time, led to Rabin’s assassination.