Daniella Goldberg next to stone that fell, missing her
Daniella Goldberg next to stone that fell, missing herFlash 90

Rabbi Dov Lior referred to a question on the Yeshiva site recently asked about the stone that dislodged and fell from the Western Wall outside the central square about a month ago.

The questioner asked whether the stone should be treated with special reverence.

Rabbi Lior replied that "as far as is known today, it is accepted by many rabbis that this part of the Kotel is an addition by Herod. Therefore there is no place to say it possesses intrinsic holiness.

Removing stone that dislodged from Western Wall
Removing stone that dislodged from Western WallFlash 90

"But we have to look at what Divine Providence sought to hint to us: That we take care of the Temple Mount's sanctity in general, and also the space around it, to preserve and respect the dignity of the place as it deserves."

One of the stones of the Western Wall dislodged from its place in Ezrat Yisrael and crashed on the prayer plaza adjacent to the Kotel itself.

The huge stone crashed a few meters from a woman who was there and by miracle was not hurt.

The Antiquities Authority cleared the stone and an halakhic debate arose around it: Is it given to clear it in the same manner as construction waste or does it posses holiness mandating it be treated differently?

Daniella Goldberg acknowledges miracle
Daniella Goldberg acknowledges miracleFlash 90
Rabbi Dov Lior
Rabbi Dov LiorFlash 90