Police patrol outside Andrew Brunson's home in Izmir, Turkey
Police patrol outside Andrew Brunson's home in Izmir, TurkeyReuters

Several gunshots were fired from a vehicle at the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey, on Monday, CNN Turk reported.

According to the report, the gunshots hit a security cabin window, but no one was hurt.

The attack comes amid diplomatic tensions between the US and Turkey, including over the detainment in Turkey of American pastor Andrew Brunson on charges of involvement in the failed 2016 military coup against the Turkish government.

The value of the Turkish lira has plummeted, recently reaching a record low compared to the dollar, as the US has imposed higher tariffs on Turkish aluminum and steel imports.

On Friday, US President Donald Trump vowed to take new steps to free Brunson, asserting that “we haven’t seen the last of it.”

“We are not going to take it sitting down,” he said, according to RT.